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Cloudbusters Inc, was founded by Stephen Muenstermann and myself, Stephen Muenstermann Jr. in 2011. Armed with years of experience in the process and automation industry and from our military experience as veterans and past endeavors, we wanted to bring American homes and businesses into the future; that future being safe, simple, and secure smart homes.

We understand how everyone loves all the advances and simplicity that new technology brings them. Additionally we understand that sometimes how it is wired, installed and/or communicates can also be a challenge. From phones, to computers, technology keeps moving at an alarming rate. It’s easy to fall behind. We see people every day struggling to learn, and becoming frustrated with their technology. This inspired the framework of our business. Simply put, we want to help people live and grow with the devices and technology they use every day.

Our goal is to provide the pathway to making the most important place in your life, your home, even better. From the time you wake up in the morning, your coffee starts brewing, the thermostat changes to your preferred temperature, your lights slowly come on and the shades lift, the sensor on your porch lets you know when the paper is here, all without any extra effort on your part. When you arrive home, the door unlocks, the lights turn back on, the TV turns on and switches to the local news, and beyond.

We’re a tight knit group, bent on providing our customers with the best possible solutions for anything smart home related. We’re passionate, and ready to jump into action. All that’s left to do is give us a call.

--Stephen M. Muenstermann, Vice President

Stephen J. Muenstermann

President/CEO - My role at Cloudbusters is to lead the company's path to success. I use my years of experience to ensure Cloudbusters is always pioneering the best in technical solutions.

As a veteran of the USAF, Stephen has been involved in advanced technology for over 30 years. He's also engaged in improving massive “big data” cloud technology companies at energy efficiency, on top of his role at Cloudbusters. He gives Cloudbusters a huge advantage at understanding the future evolution of technology.

Vice President
Stephen M. Muenstermann

Vice President - My role at Cloudbusters, Inc. is to oversee all operations, and help with client relations. I’m the point of contact through your entire smart home/business journey.

Stephen grew up in Michigan, and eventually moved to Crown Point, IN. While in college, he joined the U.S. Air Force Reserves, for a career with guidance control systems. He still serves in this role in the U.S.A.F. His passion for technology, ensures our clients are as enthralled as he is with their new smart homes.

Project Manager
Mike Lowe

Project Manager- My Role at Cloudbusters is to work with the staff, salespeople and customers to oversee the proper installation of our products, ensuring complete customer satisfaction!

Michael has a BS from Illinois State University and has been in the construction industry for over 30 years with the last 10 year specializing in the low voltage and central vacuum sector.

Lead Programmer/Technician
Michael Reich

Lead Programmer - My role is to lead and assist my co-workers with any or programming or computer related effort.

Michael was born and raised in North West Indiana. He has a deep background in computers and electronics. He enjoys web-development, programming, spreading the joys of technology, and working with Cloudbusters.

Adam Kyrouac

Programmer/Field Technician – I handle installations, as well as the programming that makes all the magic happen.

Adam hails from a small farm town in Central Illinois. From the start, he has always enjoyed tinkering with computers. His degree is a Bachelor’s of Science in Video Game Programming from Columbia College Chicago. In his free time, he is an avid runner, enjoys spending time with friends and family, and loves playing video games.

Office Administrator
Katie Muenstermann

Office Administrator - I ensure things are being done on time and things are where they need to be! I'm the hub of organization and keep things moving forwards at Cloudbusters!

Katie is born and raised in the local area of Crown Point. Katie is a very family oreintated person, and is always keeping track of our HR department. Between being a full time mom, and a part-time Cloudbusters employee, she is also a self driven cosmetologist.

Human Resources Division
Presley Hescher

HR - My role at Cloudbusters, Inc. is the director of the Human Resources Division - I ensure all conflicts all resolved and make sure all employees are enjoying their time at Cloudbusters!

I'm just over one, so I'm pretty experienced with managing other people! I enjoy trying to walk more than ten feet and terrorizing our family dog Chico. I'm always looking to find things to smile about and things to knock over, because I think my mom enjoys cleaning so much! Cloudbusters wouldn't be where it's at today without my help!

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